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Milwaukee Christmas Parade 2003

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jamiecold.jpg (73432 bytes)    Jamie making  his "cold...brrrrr" face.

culture.jpg (86244 bytes)  A Bagpipe corps.

cold2.jpg (41945 bytes)  A group of people across the way.

jamieparade.jpg (66538 bytes)   Jamie telling me how much he likes Parades.

starbucks.jpg (100748 bytes)  The ridiculously huge Starbucks cup float.

jamiedancing.jpg (109345 bytes)   Jamie dancing to some great accordion music at the Holiday Folk Fair.  He is such a Milwaukeeian.  He LOVES accordion music.

jamiekarimexicanlady.jpg (185802 bytes)  Jamie and myself sitting on the "lap" of the Mexico display.  He was thrilled.

kyak.jpg (99533 bytes)  "Driving" a Kayak.