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We bought our house a week before Jamie was born, March 2000,  and it took over a month of hard work on Steve and my Dad's behalf to make it barely livable.  We slept on a matress in the living room for a month or two surrounded by all our boxes (because our basement was moldy and had flooding issues) since the bedroom was so destryoed.  It (the house) had been used as a drug/flop house by some early twentysomethings, and at one point the kitchen was also burned out. The police had a major drug bust with swat teams which explained all the kicked in doors, but the majority of the damage was done by the previous owners. Graffiti was painted over by HUD, who held the mortgage when the people were kicked out after not paying their mortgage, and they were not nice about painting, so aquamarine paint was liberally used to coat every surface in the living room, dining room and kitchen in a desperate bid to sell the house.  Along with that eye buring color, all the trim was ruined since they didn't care where the paint went.  They also did the hall way the same color, but thankfully it is a dark hallway so it doesn't show quite so badly.

We have done extensive repairs to the house, but things are a slow go when funds are limited.  Unfortunately we do not have pre-moving in photos, but some candid family shots that can show how things were and now are.  It is kind of exciting to see how far we have come, but we still have a ways to go. 


StPatParade.jpg (33692 bytes) You can see the dark panneling that covered the walls in the living room/dining room.   This particular wall I didn't paint, but I did paint the outer perimeter walls.

p9070024.jpg (53352 bytes)  Jamie standing in front of the newly painted wall. What a difference!  (Jamie was 18 months old)

jamiegrill.jpg (56355 bytes)  Jamie on his third birthday posing with his grill and my parents.  You can see the ocre colored walls with the black bumble-bee stripes.  Also, behind Jamie, you can see the aquamarine color that is everywhere, including the ceilings.

walltobepainted.jpg (48260 bytes)   This is the corner of the living room that I painted so I could put up my Christmas tree. 

paintedcorner.jpg (248976 bytes) The wall after one coat of color.  You can see the difference already.  It still needs another coat, but it looks 100% better